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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Thursday, December 31, 2009

its new years eve!!!

okay, the exclamation marks on the title does not really mean that im super duper excited for the new year.its almost another hour to 2010 and time to bid farewell to 2009.

2009 has been an up and down ride.yupe.dats life.u can never be on top alllll the time.uve got to feel the pain sometimes to learn the real meaning of life. 2009 started well for me.i was in semester 6 in the early of 2009. started learning to type thesis, first experience at the hospital and met up again with fellow primary skoolmates.bittersweet memories there. owh not to forget the industrial attachment *yawns*..i dont see myself working in any pharm companies any time in next 10 years though it brings in big bucks!

i also found out who my true frens are.the type of frens who would panic at even the slightest change of ur tone on the phone. the kind of frens who would be there for me without me asking to.those frens who do not judge me, those who would stay up with me all night for any matters at hand and are always frank to me.(i hate ppl who are hypocrites.if u hate me,stop being a coward and say it to my face).and to those frens that im willing to sacrifice my time and energy for them too.and those are frens that i do not have to please all the time.we give and take.

in the middle of 2009, we moved to puncak alam and oh my wat a different place it was from shah alam.firstly, shah alam even without cinemas, its still a happening place but in puncak alam a.ka. palam it is surrounded with trees.i mean literally!i cant remember the last time i saw a mist in salam but in palam u can see everyday..!to adjust to the new environment didnt take long.we fit into the surrounding quite well.the survival skills in us found its way and even though we no longer hang out in hakim or mcdonalds, we somehow re-bonded among ourselves with games of UNO and basketball or scrabbles.yes, we would go down to the court at nigth and play UNO.that was bliss.yeah..till the hosp attachment starts that is..

2009 is ending rather smoothly on my side.2010 holds so many more new stories.so many new fields,opportuniteis that i cant wait to explore.its like a new horizon out there waiting for us to venture in.there are things about me that i would like to repair,polish and accomplish in 2010.

if God's willing (insyaAllah) il accomplish 'em and to all my friends i hope u enjoy the last bits of the holidays and have a blessed year ahead.happy new year!!!

oh yeah..next sem is our final sem(cant believe it.seems like yesterday i was a freshman).I.Allah and i really hope that all goes well next sem and we would all be able to attend the convocation together.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


cant sleep and its almost one..no its actually 10 mins past one..this whole month its been a rollercoaster ride for me.frankly, i dont bother much about holidays.holidays bring out the least good part of me.

tihs rollercoaster ride is killing me.

will try to get some sleep now.few repeats of ayat kursi might help ease the stress.i.Allah

Saturday, December 26, 2009

global warming

yes...you are allowed to yawn to this topic that im writing but do not dare cry when u see the condition of mother earth in say..at least 5 years time.

its not common to see an iceberg floating near the shores but that was what some people in Australia saw.

so, i made me think of something. you know, the paint that has the ability to reflect sunlight so that your house will stay cool or watsoever?you know when we do that, arent we increasing the risk of greenhouse effect?

you know like when we build skyscrappers and high buildings made of glass and it reflects the sun light and the heat gets trap in between the buildings and causes the temperature to rise and the ultimatum is it leads to global warming..?

come to think of it, that paint may have the same effect...

i dunno.. not a paint expert. just applying some knowledge.pls correct me if im wrong.

malaysian bus

remember my entry on the bus thing-ing..well, guess what last nite, i mean on christmas nite 2 double decker bus met an accident and ten people died due to the accidents..

its not a new thing that people are leaning lesser to our public transportations and that said people are just thinking that hopping on a plane is much safer than jumping into a bus..

same topic, as i was driving back to k.l from s.p this morning..i was on a 3 lane road..considerably if u were to speed, be my guest and go on straight to the most right lane.to those who are just maintaining speed and just cruising along the highway..then have the pleasure staying at the two left lanes.

so, as i was driving on the middle maintaining my speed (and btw, driving a manual for 6 hours is TIRING!) on the middle lane then came the bus (i wrote 'the' bcoz its the same bus that i terkandas in pudu a week ago) was beaming his light and was right at the butt of my car. if he wants to speed so much and thinks that i am too slow he can just over take me and go to the speeding lane.but, no, he stayed behind my car and was doing that for a few minutes.just an example of how rude the bus drivers are!!!

no wonder no ones wants to take the bus no more..n its a real shame to the nation.so much for promoting malaysian tourism..

p/s:kudos to anyone who can drive a manual for a long journey and still maintain tak penat..a good example is zaem!=)..wonder how he does that..

Sunday, December 20, 2009


my parents have always instilled in me since i was a kiddo to further my studies..not only up till bachelor but till masters and doctorate..

so, at this point yang dah nak final sem nie..ive been thinking about the prospectus of furthering my studies to the next level...

where and when is still a question mark and im still discovering the areas that i might be interested in..

but whatever it is..i know it has been written by Allah and ill find it outsooner or later..

oh my...

last thursday nite was the utmost tragic day in my life..oh my...i was in putrajaya for a few days babysitting my baby nephew cos my sis busy-dissy as usual.so, that nite i took a bus home from p.jaya and it was supposed to make a transit in kajang then 'fly' straight back to sg petani.

im no expert in the ways in k.l but the route to kajang i would probably know and when we were on the bus we were nowhere near kajang..we were heading towards pudu..the two person sitting nest to me were heading to terengganu and definitely either of us have to transit down in pudu to change bus.

oh my..i was praying deep in my heart that it wouldnt be.i didnt have enuff sleep.went out with my sis earlier that day..and i just wanna sleep!!but, Allah must have a reason for giving me all this. and yes, i had to be the one waiting on the platform in pudu for our next bus.

but the worst part s we had to wait at the platform that was 'rich' with its filthy air for almost two hours.at one point, the asthmatic me felt so tachiac that i felt like i needed my inhaler at that instance...

oh my..tried contacting my sis but not answer..obviously they must be sleeping oredi..not to mention mama too..she sleeps as eraly as the birds on the trees..just once it gets dark..

so, i called zaem and nothing much that he could do but just to accompany me during that ordeal..oh my..at around 1 oclock one of us yang ramai2 tgh tunggu tuh went up to ask d counter again but it was closed oredi.so, where is the bus..is there even a bus at all???so, we decided to go up and stay there instead and find other alternatives..luckily while we were going up the stairs, our bus arrived.

it was an old bus..really not worth what i paid for and i couldnt sleep the whole night..and naturally when i arrived at around after subuh..i slept almost the whole day..only waking up to have my lunch..

ive decided to write a letter to the transpotation mimister to complaint bout this.we felt like we have been fooled and no one should be treated like this again in the future.

Monday, December 14, 2009

its been...

oh my..dah almost two weeks i havent been online..busy with stuffs at home.
this time nyer cuti mmg dok umah jek..malas gle nak kuar..but been busy pen-ning down some poems.sometimes duduk tgk t.v and the words keep repeating itself and i just have to write it down kalau tak, tak leh tido...huhu..


Mother Nature

The ocean’s wave hit the rocks of ancient times,

The corals moves with the rhythm of the sea,

Wakeup my sunshine and open your blue eyes,

The time has come where the heaven is all you want to see.

The breeze buzzing through for our ear,

The scent of sunshine for us to enjoy,

Why must we ruin this heaven on earth?

Just for the sake of humankind?

It may be difficult to comprehend,

The destructions that we have made,

Mother earth will never understand,

Why she is being punished for the mistakes she didn’t make.

Where would we take our children for their holidays,

Where would our children build their sandcastles and forts,

Where the other creatures would stay,

If the coasts are always our targets to build busy ports.

As Mother Nature reveals its anger to us,

Then, we snapped and fear for our life,

As the sea begins to rise,

And the sun begins to rage.

Let us pray that it’s not too late,

For us to mend our mistakes,

And the nature can reverse to its original state,

Before it put our life at stake.



dreams and prayers

Dreams and prayers.

You are my sunshine on a cloudy day,

You are my rainbow after a heavy storm,

You are my drops from heaven after a draught,

You are my drops of dew after a chill night.

You mend my wounds with ease,

You make me laugh effortlessly,

You shine my day naturally,

And you make me love you endlessly.

You are the rope that pulls me from the strong current,

You are the oxygen that breathes life into my lifeless soul,

You are the hand that I hold when I cried,

And you are the one that made me smile when no one else can.

Sometimes I wonder what made me deserve you,

Sometimes I wonder if I was the right person for you,

Then I look back and see how we clique,

And how you fill the empty spaces inside of me.

Then, I woke up from a bad dream and you were there,

Caressing me and holding me tight,

Then, I realized there was no doubt,

You will always be mine I swear.

I pray to God every day,

I pray hard so that He will grant my wish,

That we will be blessed with all the blessing in the world,

And lead this road of ours till we are old.



bands of love

The bands of love.

The bands of love,

The joining of two lives, of two hearts,

It requires patience and strength,

And commitment that never ends.

The bands of love,

It happens once in a lifetime,

When you are ready and certain of the time,

And you have enough to pay a dime.

Do not get caught up in the excitement of it,

As it is not an easy journey,

Do not let anything influence your decision on it,

As it involves more than just money.

The bands of love,

The risks are limitless,

The doubts are always there,

The troubles will always appear.

But be strong and faithful,

Know that you have made the right decision,

Trust and be trusted,

Love and be loved.

The bands of love,

It will always be there for all of us,

Just be yourself and not a bogus,

And you’ll find your match made in heaven.

I’m certain that the day will come,

Only time will decide when it reaches the dad or the mom,

The joy of it that no one would kick aside,

Because it happens once in your life.



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

facebook yang urrggghhh...

addduuuiiii...all i wanted was to log in to my facebook and dengan selamba-nye type password tetibe password not valid...and dengan selamba-nye pulak die kate facebook is under maintenance and so tak dapat nak bukak my profile...uuurrrrggg.

itu jek nak tulis sebenarnye.huhu.dengan itu, untuk menghilangkan tension ini, im off to the saloon.hekhek.ciao!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


oh my..dah balik almost a week now tapi baru nak online.it is so common for me to duduk terperuk kat rumah lama2 berhari2 tanpa kuar until jiran2 tanya kat mama.."anak kak zah tak balim ke cuti ni?"...hahaha..op kos die balik..tapi i really seriusly have no mood to go out and dok melepak2 unless terpaksa..

it was a gud start to the hols..zaem had to accompany me back to s.p coz nak antar keta balik for some repair2..biasalah keta antik..HOWEVER, dah alang2 balik utara and zaem last went to penang masa my bro's wedding n masa tuh malam n tak nampak ape2 so we decided to go again.hehe.

he have never been to penang beach so that where we went.walaupun i was born in penang, grew up there almost 14 years tapi i dunno the jalan to the beach.lakeli ada signboard yang sgt efektif..so, we followed it and then we arrived and it was steaming hot in the afternoon...obviously we didnt mandi amnda kecuali menyepak2 air laut itu..

at first nak jugak naik jet ski and the parachut thing-ing tapi mahal sgt..then we decided to ronda2 jek naek keta and we stopped by the hard rock hotel..huhu..siap ader statue michael jackson lagik...and the famous big guitar...

and along the beach we went till we realized the weather was getting dark and my mama pun dah waiting at home with her famous cooking..and we decided to naek feri to balik to the mainland..

i was preparing my cash for the fees naik feri but it was free!!!yippie!!nak naik g the island jek must pay..the way bak to the mianland is free..

so,,there it goes a short but fun and economical way to have fun in penang!hehehe

Monday, November 16, 2009

finally!the exams are over and the presentation done!so, hari ni kitaorg (zaem n me) went to service our car before our road trip back to kedah..

honestly, i know in my heart that tukar minyak itam and spark plug would cost me more than rm 100.thats for sure..i know because ive been doing it ever since i drove the car here..

so today, i withdrew some amount of cash budgetting in my head that it will last till tomorrow when i reach kedah.

so we went to shah alam to service my car and i specifically told d pakcik that i want the exact spark plug that i used before. fool of me, i didnt check it before he inserted into my car...

then he naikkan my car and did some "observing" at the bottom of my car and suddenly asked his workers to fill up some minyak in my car..

i didnt know what it was n he would usually tell me but today he didnt.then he went to his office nad back out with the bill.

the total was rm195!!!!freaking double of what i expected!!damn!!!we were fooled.
first, the last time we changed the spark plug it only cost us rm 36 and the minyak itam was around rm40..

he did a few checks for the car and his "upah" charge was freaking rm20!!!for what????

owh i was pist!but i kept cool coz if i had said something then he would ruin the car and i had along journey back tomorrow..

so, there goes my rm 200...

moral of story:never going back to that pakcik R!!!

as for now gotta get some sleep.will be a long way up to s.p!yay!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


finally!!!the exams are over..okaay this sem there were only 5 final papers to be taken but pheeew!!!it was tough..cbl with its koda kimble..IBM with its umpteenth amount if chapters...ID with all its antibiotics and lastly today was the only 2 credit hour paper which was also the TOUGHEST!

but neways praying really hard that i can get through all the papers.same coz to all my frens.
next sem would be our last sem and then ends our 4 years journey of B.Pharm..time zooms past up without us realising it..

i pray too that we would all be strong to face any hurdles that we will face. anyways, having friends like i have met makes me smile though..with fia and nini always bothering me..with cik yang who is always telling stories and cik nab who would sneak into our room for no exact purpose and frens like boot who alwyas make us laugh!

neways...dont have their photos now but will update soon..

chow!happy hols!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

mission accomplished

today the mission of me and my friend nini was trying to protect or bestfriend from being some how affected by a villain that i shall not mention his name here. nayways to make long story short as my theophylline notes is waiting for me..the mission was a success. in conclusion, who needs a guy in ur life when u have good frens like us?hahaha...
neways, one more paper to go!wish me luck!

Friday, October 23, 2009

pharmacy rocks!!!

today was the last day of our attachment..overall, the attachment was fun, very menambah ilmu and made me realise that being a pharmacist is fun!
kalau sebelum nie belajar teori dari buke jek..tak tahu mana nak apply and sometimes feel blur pon ader jugak..

but not since dah attach raser dat ive understood of wat this job is all about. meeting patient was best as you can talk and see their progress before your own eyes nad when they recover u sort of feel thankful that u were a part of that process.

but now comes the exams and here goes the week of studying and revising and memorizing...so dat maybe u can help my patients even more in the future..


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

of mitten and booties...

i wish i could spend more time with my baby niece...he's growing up so quickly that i cant get to see his naughty moves..i cant get too see him cry for no reason and smile..
oh boy..dont grow up so fast..ill be coming soon i promise..when all these massive amount of work are done il be there t carry u around..
till then, back to layan boot with her jokes whike calculating her tdm...and writing my thesis...

Monday, October 19, 2009

a lesson learned

if i could turn back time i would have changed the mistakes that i made yesterday. i would have not said those words i said. i would have smiled when i frowned. i would have given attention when i neglected.

but im only human. im not miss perfect. i make mistakes that i dont intend too. apologised and i hope you forgive.i am me.i am humbled by the mistakes but i learn and stand up again.coz today might just be a better day.