Daisypath Wedding tickers

Daisypath Wedding tickers

Friday, January 29, 2010

whatever happens...

whatever happens..whatever that has been decided..whatever that cant be changed..theres a reason behind it.its called hikmah.

u dont see this hikmah till it comes around and u go.."aah..now i know y dat happened because it led me to this and if i knew this was the ending..i wouldnt have regretted my decision in the 1st place"

but sometimes we are so caught up with what we want,what we yearn for that we forget about this hikmah.we forget that Allah's power prevails anything else in this world.He has written it all for us and whatever that is written is the best for us either we like it or not.

all we can do is to pray to make us strong.strong enuff to face the hurdles that He throws onto us,be brave enuff for the changes that He want us to experience.and protect us from any harm or danger.

as for now, im living each day as it comes by.loving every happy moments that i have and praying for the best from Him.in a nutshell, carpe diem a.k.a seize the day!

Monday, January 25, 2010

praying really hard

lama gila dah tak ber-blog..when was my last entry again?cant remember..no one else to blame but my own hands and kemalasan yang melampau.kat bilik 303 ni either all eight of us tgk movie same2 or semua tgh tgk buku..either or one of us akan still menjerit"buhsan okaayyyyy!!!!jom g mane2"hahaha..there was one time sampaikan google kat internet cari tempat2 menarik di kuala selangor dgn si mcnaa...hahaha tp in the end kami semua give up.so cuti hari jumaat, sabtu n ahad and hari ni supposed ada kelas petang.tapi unfortunately i was down with flu since last night.so atas titah perintah dan nasihat kawan2...i stayed in the room.esok pon takde kelas..so in all i got 5 days o holidays!yeay???not really..coz buhsan!!!

and at this time,im praying really hard for something good to come around.ans as for now, im off to disturb my housemates..daaa....

Monday, January 18, 2010


sometimes we want something really2 bad like money or just pure happiness that we try to hard to find where we can got all these that we want.

but, we always forget that there's the only ONE who can help us that is Allah.all we have to do is ask from Him.pray to him.read the Quran more.do the sunat(s) more.and somehow the things that we want He would grant it.Insyaallah.

but we are humans and we sometimes forget that's just us.but stop.reverse and think for a while and we'll find the answer.Insyaallah.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

back to work

been in palam for almost a week now..not a hectic week YET though i believe in a few weeks time it will be.

had a few classes.had a few time out time with fia=).chattin till the wee hours is our fav and been doing some light reading.other than that, kinda excited to attend melissa's wedding with z,fia and ecah.bought the pressie dee but havent wrapped it yet..

we got a new house facing the tempat arkng motor..i mean..im thankful that i have a house to live in BUT,what a b.o.o.ring view that i wake up to each morning..aduiii...our old houuse faces the basketball court.other than being able to see cute guys (hopefullyz doest read this,ngehehehe) we get the misty surrounding each morning and nite and being at level 8 give s us extra advantage coz we can shout our heart out without our classmates noticing.hehehe..

but, theres nothing that we can do and for everything that Allah gives us there must be a reason.

gtg and do some more light reading.tc peeps.will pen down something else next time i pass by here!

Friday, January 1, 2010


i think someone is trying to sabotage my facebook account..hehehe..the "account unavailable" thing-ing happened again!!!heesh!!

new year picnic

when was the last time i went to p.d..i cant remember.but today on the first day of 2010 i tag along with my sister,her hubby and their 1 yea old plus son.

it was funny. we drove all the way to p.d so that farhan (that's the little boy) can play on the beach. i mean build sandcastles and play in the water. he loves water. he cant get enuff of it. when he bathes in the house he would scream when we take him out of the toilet.so we assumed that hes gonna love the beach.

but as soon as we put him on the sand, he started screaming. he doesnt want to even stand on the sand (he used to be afraid even to stand on the grass in our lawn).then i had to hold him and sit with him on the sand by the beach.when i said "farhan, lets go and play in the water"..and he said "no,no,no"...(been trying to teach him to say yes but the negativity prevails it seems)..

so then we went back and sit under a tree and he sat on me while playing with the spade and his tractor.so, earlier my sis took out his pampers so that water will not soak in it.here comes the bad news:when he was sitting on me,i felt something warm on my feet.like a flow of warm liquid and when i looked down...."farhan!!!you shushu on cik min!!!"aduii...and that happen again a few minutes after that..and ol my sis and bro-in-law did was laugh!!!urgghhh!!!

hehe..so,at around 11 we decided that there is no point to persuade him to and play on the beach anymore and we know he loves the pool.but before we went there, farhan's abah told my sis to wear him the pampers.we would not take any risks of having faeces pulak in the pool.hehehe..

and boy he was happy in the pool.we can even leave him ol day there and i dont think he would cry.ngeh3...at around 12.30, we felt tht he was getting tired and we took him put from the pool (with some refusion from him that is) and headed back home.what a day to start 2010.i mean..urine on mean..now that ive writtten this down it reminds me.. i need to wash that pants!hehe.