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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Monday, April 12, 2010


i know i should be studying but these came so sudden at 2 oclock in the morning.so here it goes..

at the wee hours of this night,
i dream an absolute dream,
holding your hands tight,
standing under the sun beam.

at the wee hours of this night,
looking at your face by my side,
there's nowhere else i wanna be,
you are the only one that fill my heart with glee.

the shades of your eyes,
the lines on your face,
the complexion of your skin,
i cup it safe in my hands.

the laugh that you resonate,
the voice that you echo,
the gestures that you throw,
i record it safe in my memory.

you may be imperfect,
you make mistakes,
and i make them too,
but you are the one i run home to.

your arms that picked me up,
your fingers that wipe my tears,
your breath that shoo(s) d dust,
and your love that fills my heart,
it cheers me up everyday.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

food for thought

people in general always divide the people in this world to many categories.

it can either be based on the skin color, the religion or the ethnicity.

from this categories, they then divide us based on their prejudism.

but, the truth is there are only two types of people in this world:

the good ones who do good deeds to others

the bad ones who are cruel to others.

that's all that matter.

no religion in this world and no ethnicity in this world preach on cruelty to others..its the people itself who choose to be that way..

so, there's no point in being prejudice and categorizing people..just choose to be on the good side or the dark side independent of ur religion, skin color, country or ethnicity.

one down, many more to go

when the other 150 students from our class went for their SPA interview i was either at my sis's place playing with my niece, or sleeping or shopping.i was not involved during that session of interview *cries*...but i cant blame us 4 who were not listed among the other hundreds.we registered online way before the closing date, we even double checked and our name is in the data base and we even received the confirmation letter from spa, however due to some problems in the faculty, someone mistakenly sent our wrong ic numbers to spa..thus, they couldnt find our name in the database..however, nothing can be done at that moment. the damage has been done.the mistake forgiven and life goes on.

so,when the rest of the class was relieved to have gone thru the interview easily we were still clueless on the exact date..but when the faculty called and told me the exact date for us to be interviewed..i was relieved.it was earlier than what they have told us but thats even better coz the un-exact date was during the studi week..

so, on Friday 2nd april we went for our interview in Putrajaya..there were only 6 of us and we waited for everyone to finish then balik sama2..how sweet...even the kerani asked.."aik, nape tiba2 semua keluar sekali??tunggu kawan2 siap jugak ek"

the interview went well and the interviewer was super duper friendly. it felt like talking to ur fren. i am truly releived that the interview has been settled. im truly relieved knowing that the interview was not as bas as i thought it would be. im truly relieved that its not during the studi week...

but this is only one of the hurdles that ive to go thru..the finals are sooo around the corner..
so..one down..many more to go..