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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Monday, May 31, 2010


last night or shud i say at the wee hours of the morning, i was chatting with my super duper best friend,maalini. we have been frens ever seen we were in standard 4. she always brings out the best in me.y i say so..?i may not be able to speak english almost fluently now if it wasnt for her. i wanted to be frens with her because we were in the same class and yes she would speak to me at times but not as frequently like i want it to be.one day, she just snapped at me and told me "if u speak more english, maybe more of our classmates will speak and have fun with you"..she continued saying that it's ok to start off with manglish..soon u will improve. and she was right, I DID!ok, but this post is not about me or her speaking nor english.

we were chatting and i started exploring my friend's FB page. her name is angie ng (check her out)and she's a full time model(and also a law graduate, mind you.beauty with brains). she used to sit next to me in class and come to my house for class project and vice versa. she's tall.if you think i am tall wait till u look at her long legs. her sister was the winner of miss malaysia/universe in, i dunno which year, mabel ng.both maalini and me are not added in her fren's list but becoz as maal quoted "facebook roxxxx!" so we got to explore her photos..we were virtually stalking her.literally.she's married to a hot brazilian guy and will be delivering soon.maalini said that she wants a guy that hot and that is the freaking happy life.well, she's right.i have to say that much.it is not wrong to dream a beautiful dream.it may just become reality with some effort, pray and hard work. i bet neither of them would be living happily now if there were not working their a** off years ago.hard work pays.

as for angie, after i left st george's girls school in middle of form 2(ppl may say that its a christian skool bla3 but it was definitely a good skool and islamics were never left out in building us) i heard all these stories that she's anorexic (well, she used to be a lil chubby and ppl didnt see her as beautiful.well they are wrong.she turned out to be gorgeous) and all the other bad stuff.that she tried to fit in but she gets more enemies than friends.well, now her enemies will definitely be green with envy looking at her success.23 years old and sky rocketing to london, hong kong, malaysia, paris and australia for photoshoots and cat walks...she dreamed a dream and worked for it.she may have fallen but she's now at the top and im proud of her.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

not a big deal

so my facebook is filled with my classmates talking bout the interview and not going or going..not wanting to study and wanting to work and malas wanna be lecturers...

the truth is its not such a big of a deal.its just an interview.first of all, be thankful to Allah The Mighty for giving you the opportunity. second of all, its called an interview for a certain reason, it does not mean if you go u'll get it and there are hundreds more people who are in that list. the chances of u getting..well, do ur own math.and about not wanting to be lecturer bla3x..well,only Allah knows the path that we will go through. we might say we wanna work in the hospital, be a clinical pharmacist, help the patients and all but that is not always the case.what if it gets bored and u decide to further ur studies?well at least there will be no regrets in u that u didnt attend the interview..

its not a big deal after all.its just an interview.attend it, pray that Allah allow you to make the best decision in ur life and live with it.dont let any chance (that many more people yearns to get) go to waste.just give it a try.there's no harm in it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

independent woman

i was watching oprah winfrey and the topic was about women or more specifically wives who have been cheated by their husband either by having mistresses or doing illegal business.

so, there was this one lady.she was a graduate of two prestigious uni.both Yale and Oxford. she got married to this guy who works in Wall Street and he was doing some illegal business behind her back. after she got married, they were blessed with 3 children so she became a stay-home mom who leads a very luxurious life, and i mean really luxurious life with a mansion, 3 condo(s) around Central Park, indulge in all the expensive stuffs that we can just dream about at nite, children sent to private skools and exclusive holiday getaways.her husband was always away from home but she didnt put much thought in it becoz she was seduced into the comfortable lifestyle (seduced was the exact word she used).
one day, she found that her husband was doing illegal business and is being investigated. her husband tried to kill himself as a way to obtain sympathy from her the nite before he was scheduled to leave to live in jail. she managed to talk him out of it and she herself drove him to the jail the very next morning.

she soon found out that she will loose all the wealth that they once live in and the rich friends that she once have.she had to pull herself together to support her children. she then realised that she had made a big mistake for not managing her own finances and her own wealth.she realised that she was a woman who is very knowledgeable (like duhh???not everyone gets to go to both Yale and Oxford).but she made a mistake because she took it all for granted when the husband brought in huge cash and she was lured into the lifestyle and when this happened she had to struggle to find her own way back up to support her family.

the morale here is that, woman have to be independent.woman are empowered with knowledge and thus use it wisely to help manage the family's finance.no matter how rich our partner maybe we have gotta know how to stand on our very own two feet so that if anything happens (not that im praying that to happen), we will able to back up the family and raise our children well. we are not the perempuan melayu terakhir who stays at home with no knowledge of the outside world.we are the 21st century woman who are born to be independent woman.

Monday, May 17, 2010


ever since i came back for the hols mama would prepare for me (not that i ask her to) juices.my mom is very well known for her healthy food.less salt, less sugar (or better no sugar), steamed fish and vege, soups and her all-time favourite,ulam.her breakfast most of the time would be oats and mind you, this she would not add with neither milk nor sugar and added with chunks of fruits or dates or raisins or whatever she can find in the fridge.

okay back to the story, the first day she made me apple juice with a very,very minimal amount of sugar.but it wasnt so bad.then the next day she made a glass of juice and placed in the fridge to chill.so when i had my breakfast and i drank it,my face wanted to squirm and felt like throwing it into the sink.unfortunately, she was looking at me till i finished the whole glass.it was tomato and carrot with very little or no sugar..i had to pretend that i loved it and every sip that i took i stopped breathing. im a big fan of tomato, but when it has been crushed and the juices are blended together it wasnt the favourite vege anymore.

so today she made a better one.i guess mother's instincts tells her that i cant take in the last one.she made me carrot and soya bean.it was good!seriously!if she had made me two glasses i would have finished them all.

but, these are healthy food and i shouldnt be complaining.she's giving her best advice to me.the reason that she still look young even she's nearing the age of 60 makes me wanna follow in her footsteps..

no..thats not true

when i was a kid, my friends would tell me that im rich just by looking at my dad's car.then when we went out to the malls and my mom only gave me around RM20 to go for movies or dine at mcD they would wonder why i was not holding more cash then they assumed i would.

at first i got pissed with my parents for not giving me the money but as i grew up, i realised that the money dont belong to me.it's my parents who are rich not me.all the wealth that i was living in, the comfortable house and car, they belong to my parents not me.i didnt earn the money thru my own hardwork and sweat.and thus i cant be proud of the money that i have in my hands.

i was fortunate in a way that my dad has taught all of us since we were young that we need to earn the things that we want in our life.we would have to work hard for a simple new story book or a watch or a cd player.my dad would always tell us that he has no problem buying all those things for us but he do not want us to get 'em for free.we must earn those things that we desire.

and at this age, i would sometimes reward myself to a luxury item every time i felt that ive worked hard enough for the semester or ive conquered something in life at my own standards.for the next things in life that i will go through, i would do the same, for every phase of my life that i would embark in, i would work hard for it and earn the money to build my own life.my own future. and as far as possible i would love to see my partner work hard to build our life together so that we wuld appreciate it more because we have to go thru torns to be laying down on a bed of roses.so that even when the roses are dead we would still remember their sweet scents and see the wounds on our skin that we had to go through so that we wont give up when the hard times loom in.

and if im blessed with children, i would instill the same habit.they have to earn what they want even if we are able to give them with our salary.so that they will be a humble person and not boast around about the wealth that they live in.insyaAllah.

Monday, May 10, 2010

thank you rummies

this is dedicated especially to my rummies.they've been the best rummies or actually more of housemates for the past one year.

to my real rummie, anida daud:before being ur rumate, i barely know u.but during those periods we were together, i really got to know the real side of you. now i know that u r a very strong person.u r very determined in what u want to do and what u aim in life.u may be home almost every weekend but that do not bother me much bcoz when u r around we always have lots of things to chat and laugh about and i always look forward to being home when u r around. u also maybe small in size but are much matured in thought than all of us.ill always pray for ur health and happiness and success in life anid.

to my next door neighbour, fia and izana:okay, one person at a time..fi, uve been the best shoulder for me to cry on and that is an understatement.u were always there when no one else werent.u picked me up when i was broken to pieces. u help me stictch myself back into one piece and u were the one who wiped my tears and held my hand along the way.oh yes u've hurt me too but then who is perfect in this world???friendship IS about loving, caring, hurting and being able to admit ur mistakes, apologize and forgive each other's mistakes.i love u nevertheless and will always be here when u need me.im just a phone call away.
cik nab, u r a very down to earth person. i love it when u sneak into our room when we r doing our work and made us laugh.that was always our time out after a heavy read from the heavy koda kimble..hehehe.i love when u made ur tour to each room every morning too see evryone get ready and picked the right tudung or bag for us although we didnt ask u to do so..hehe.ill miss jumping onto ur bed and hear u screaming.i wish ul live happily with the one u love always.

to my other next door neighbour, wani and cik yang:wani, u were very i mean literally very quiet when we first moved in together.tapi sape bole tahan kalo asyik kena hentam tyme makan ramai2 and still keep queit kan?then after that u were talkative oredi..hehe and we loved it!!the time that we stayed overnight with mr dimples and fia was the best!roaming around k.l just to look for nyah(s)..what a night!!and the time that we had to do our final thesis together in the lab, awak sgt membantu and i thank you for that.i wish that ull live happily with ur mr ronaldo and have lotsa cute kids!!
cik yang( suara nyaring),saya akan rindu suara nyaring awak sgt2..hahaha...ill miss going into ur room and disturbing u and wani.ill miss too those time when u would come into our room and annouced "time berhibur" and u'll watch anid's video clips or u would just bring ur notes and stadi with us and i wont allow u to go back coz then ill be bored.hehehe.thanks cik yang.semoga jodoh awak dengan encik boolat berkekalan forever.

to my front neighbour, ecah and nini:ecah, i had doubts living with u in the first place and this is the honest me talking.but then i loved it!!!u know when u laugh while watching that korean show,ill be laughing too in my room for no apparent reason.weird but true.when u stadi with ur big koda or di piro u motivate me to study too and the way u tell ur stories, u made me interested to hear.hehe..im sorry if i made u angry the other day and sorry for any other mistakes that ive made and may have hurt u.u stay just the way u are and may u find ur mr right soon and i cant wait the day ull invite me to ur wedding.=)
last but not least, nini. u were like a sister to me.i refer to u when i had doubts bout anything.ul cry when u c me cry.ull laugh even more for small jokes that i made.u were always so kind to all of us.u took care of us like a mother would take care of her children.u may say that u r not matured but the way u think for all of us was matured and mother-ly enuff to me.u never hold dendam to anyone and u believe that all the bad things that others did there must be a good reason behind it.u were always optimistic about others.thank you for being my best fren or should i say sister??t kawen ngan cikgu ajak saya kay??

to all of u, i love u guys from the bottom of my heart and ill miss those times we were together.if there is an award for the best rumates, u guys definitely deserve it.forgive me for my mistakes and halalkan my makan n minum.till we meet again.muahx!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

~its not forever~

so it came to an end.finals done.spent time with besties, checked.hang out with rumies, checked.salam2 with classmates, checked.packed stuffs (sighs), checked.spend time with mr dimples, ongoing.

i cant believe its been 4 years..there were moments when i felt like giving up..there were moments i wanted to quit so bad. just felt like leaving everything behind, get on any plane and fly to anywhere but here.those were tough times.those were hectic times.but i thank Allah there were friends who were behind my back..pushing me endlessly.there were also my parents telling me not to look back but forward.there was also my sister who is a pHD holder who is my inspiration. shes the reason i keep telling myself "if she can handle it till that level, this i MUST conquer"

its true when u've passed a level and u r stable in one condition,you just cant sit still.there are things that you wanna do.new things u wanna discover.as for me, i keep telling mr dimples i want to do degree in medicine next!!!omigosh..u should look at his reaction..i told that to my best frens too..fia and nini..and they had almost the same expression as mr dimples.this all came to me when we were attached to the hospitals..i envy the doctors..i envy their responsibility and minimally i envy the paycheck..havent told mama this..she MIGHT be happy but honestly...i dont think im able to cope with that level of stress..the level of hecticness..

the best and nearest option that i may venture into is to take masters and pHD...but not now..not in a year's time.i need time to get my license.to learn the practical part of the job.to earn some moneyhh on my own.my parents surely are waiting for me to further my studies as soon as possible.but, ill do it at my own pace.at my own comfortable time and at my own liking.because i believe at this stage of education, you have to do it with ur own will cos its tougher but comes with a better pay in the end.

but, as for now,i pray to Allah The Mighty that we will pass all the papers with flying colors, be attached to places that we opted for, attend the convocation together, marry our mr/miss right and live happily, healthily.as for me and my bachelor in medicine..that would just be a dream that was never meant to happen.but with Allah's will, when one door closes, many other opens and those are the unfound dreams of mine.