Daisypath Wedding tickers

Daisypath Wedding tickers

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

long journey.

last friday after work, zaem, sayangku aini and me headed to kelantan!!weehhooo!!

the last time i went back to kelantan was more than 10 years ago.

after many pit stops we departed from gombak at around 10.30 pm. our main tujuan was to attend nini's wedding.

so reached kota bharu at 8 am on saturday, got ourself ready and off we went to rantau panjang.th ewedding lasted the whole day and by the time everything was settled (zaem was the official photographer), it was 6-ish.

then, we went to visit zaem's aunty and grandmom. buruk gila perangai kalau datang jauh2 tak go and see them.

after maghrib prayers and lepaking for a while off we went to zaem's uncle's boutique to rent our baju for the kelantan's side.

i was basically too tired to think of the color that was nice and the color of the pelamin or the color of the hantaran or how the hantaran would like..hahaha!!so..i allowed zaem's aunty to decide the best!but we decided the color and the basic details eventually.

so, checklist as of till today:

baju both side: done
pelamin his side: done
hantaran both side:done
mak andam:found and booked!yeay!thanks mama!
veil:one done, one pending
stuff for house:pending

and the cards!!!...aiyoooo..!!must start posting 'em by next week at least..was supposed to send them this week..but i left the cards in zaem's card and that mr dimple is too busy..pity him...so next week it is..

1 month 1 week 6 days to go...im praying hard that everything will go smoothly..ameeenn...

Friday, March 4, 2011

time and jealousy

today we have planned to send by hand some of the cards..i might be kinda early but next week on the 12th ill be in kelantan for nini's wedding and some other wedding related stuff to settle.

on the 19th, zaem wouldnt be around coz he'll be back in kelantan yet again for hazim's wedding.

on the 26th or on the 1st of april i need to go back to kedah to settle few more unsettled stuffs..

then, in mid april ill be starting my clinicals..(read:busy, case clerking 24-7)..thus, this week and on the 26th seems like the only weekends im free..

we cant possibly finish sending all the cards by today, cant we..?

i cant remember the last time we went for a real date, watching movies and stuff..since both of us are working..weekends are the only time we can settle our wedding details..and weekends are too short!!*sighs*

with Allah's will, i hope everything runs smoothly..