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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

all about..

for those of u who have read my post last would have known that i went to the UITM's kursus kahwin..and ive gotta say the price so cheap and so worth it..for rm45..

first, we were served with delicious foods 3 times..like for breakfast it was bihun goreng with sandwich then lunch was one whole tupperware of nasi tomato and tea was mee kari..the next day was almost the same but with different dishes..for rm 45 for two days the meals itself shows that is was worth the money..

second,we are saved from going all the way to pejabat jais to get the cert because we'll just need to collect it at the CITU's office in the campus..

third,well i guess all the kursus kahwin are funny.but yeah..we didnt stop laughing the whole day!!!

so glad i went with my friends..my best frens that is..memories2...

im even glad-er (i dont think there's such word, anyway..) that i went with mr dimples..one of the penceramah showed us the video of org bersalin and when i met mr dimples during the break, he said that he insaf while watching the video..it was a scary footage and the baby was huge i have to admit..

but thats the sacrifice a mom has to make kan?and if a mom die while giving birth its considered as jihad..women are stronger than what men perceive them to be..and truly..a woman would do anything for her family..

overall,i believe that we will never truly be ready to become a wife but when we step into it, we'll just have to adapt, adjust, discuss, plan and act in the best interest of our family and relationship..

p/s: mr dimples wore a batik on that day and he was asked to recite the prayers..he looks so father-ish and it made my heart smile even more..=)

Friday, March 26, 2010


you feel weak,
like a leaf that's easily blown away by the wind.

but, stop,
search down deeper in you,
try harder,
and you'll see..
that you are strong,
as strong as the rocks in the river,
beaten by the strong currents by remains exactly there,

come to think of it: the water is the one giving in to the rocks..circulating around it rather than pushing it away..

psy week..

the first 2 days of this week i was attached to the psychiatric ward.malam ahad mmg la tak tido nyenyak..this is because:

first:its scary to just think about spending the whole day clerking a case in a ward surrounded by psychiatric patint.

second:the preceptor in charge is sooo damn scary..the review from the group that went last week was bad.they said that she memorized every single thing.from MOA to the half life.

so that sunday was spent on revising chapters on psychiatrics..

but came Monday and when we reached the ward it became kinda funny..i mean at first yes it was funny..to look at the way they behave and how the nurses handled all of them.

they may only be 6 of them in the ward but the chaos was equivalent to a whole medical ward. at first while we clerking they didnt bother to disturb us.most probably they were still sedated by their meds.but after lunch, the situation is becoming more and more havoc...

and we had to finish clerking the case by 5 and around 4 o clock it was the doctors round and the BHTs were taken by the nurses..so we were left observing the patient's activities for almost an hour while anxiosly waiting for the BHT..

at around 4.45 mr dimples, bob and my rumate arrived to pick me up and one of the patient was sitting by the window and calling those two bachelors standing in front of their ward.at first, they wanted to enter the ward but i didnt allow them because most of the patient were active at that time..i think i made the right decision..tak masuk pon that girl dah melambai..kalau masuk i wonder what they would do..hehehe..

so that night me and partner spent the whole night analyzing the case and searching for journals to back us up. we slept at around 3.30 am and even when i was asleep i was still thinking of the meds that we were analyzing..

but i believe that every hard work will pay in the end and i was right..my partner and me could answer most of her questions and the preceptor was happy with us..*phew*..though we still need to find a few more things but overall it went well.

the psychiatric ward attachment is something that i will NEVER ever forget and it will be one of the things i would tell to my children in years to come..i.Allah.

the thing about this expeience is:you may feel scared about something that you have not gone thru yet..all you have to do is just be strong and confident.plus with hard work..everything will turn out fine eventually..i.Allah..

plus, being there..i felt sorry for the patient..we are blessed to be living happily and being able to cope with our daily stress...may Allah always protect all of us from sickness and any harm..amin..

Friday, March 19, 2010

tired is an understatement of the year

so yes our hospital attachment has started and yes im attached in HTAR and yes its a great place to be attached to coz there are many cases to clerk and learn from.but...if u r 5'8" just like me and u have to stand at the table at the end of the bed for more than an hour a day clerking the case and there are no air cond to cool u down it become tiring..exhausting kuasa tiga is more like it.so, yes again that tired is just an understatement of the year.

i really shouldnt be complaining coz I.Allah ill be starting my prp soon and that is when they bully u to the max but this is what happen when u r so used to hospitals that uses eHIS and all u have to do is just click and click away in an aircond room..

but,look on the bright side..if im destined to be placed at a hospital just like HTAR, then i wouldnt be complaining anymore wouldnt i?and mr dimples is attached at the same place with me now so i get to whine to him now and then when i feel depressed!!pity him..but then he sometimes whine to me as well..so its fair then..

as for now its back to revising and studying for the finals!

oh yeah,mr dimples,me and 3 of my friends are going to CITU UITM's kursus kahwin together..hahaha..!biarlah tak kawen lagi pon as long as we get to go together as friends and partners and plus its cheaper..hehehe!

if time doesnt envy coz exams are jsut around the corner ill blog about it..

till then..take care!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


im in bukit jelutong lepak-ing with mr dimples and his sister and the sister's boyfriend n im sneezing like nobody's business...ok gtg..mr dimples dah ajak balik..*yawns*..tak remaja ar camni..oh yeah..mr dimples no longer remaja...


p/s:hes replying..saying..whatever...(W hand gesture)