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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Thursday, August 19, 2010

gardener needed

just finished helping my dad maw the law. ive only helped him maw the lawn twice during this 2 months break but those two times is enuff to let me know that mowing the lawn is not an easy thing to do.

i helped him today is because ill be leaving to negeri sembilan soon and with his knee giving him problems i tot i would spare him the effort to give the lawn a trim for the next 3 weeks or so..

but, the fact is i think what he really need now is a gardener.just to maw the lawn.he is able to water the plants..owh and maybe help my dad trim the plants every month.

we used to have a gardener when the house was rented a few years back but when we moved in my parents did all the gardening.(yes, they have green hands)..but now that they are getting aches all over i think its best to get the help again isnt it..?

misteri-mencari-gardener is on!!

till then..take care all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

its time

mr dimples has kindly helped me collect my KKm letter in putrajaya.

when i told my mum that the earliest we can 'turn ourselves in' a.k.a lapor diri is next week,my mum looked disturbed.

i have this strong feeling that she's not yet ready to let me go off.

to let me go into someone else's territory and start a new chapter of my life.

ill be sad too but sooner or later ill have to leave this place called home.

which is worst?to let ur youngest daughter go off and work and earn her own living OR having a child in the house without a job and expects to be spoonfed always.

in my opinion, the latter is more worrying...

mum,ill come back to visit as much as i can.so,its time ma...=(

till then,selamat berbuka.

Monday, August 16, 2010


alhamdulillah that ive live long enuff to meet Ramadhan again.

alhamdulillah im healthy to perform my prayers.

alhamdulillah im training myself not to miss the terawih.

alhamdulillah our family is blessed with enuff food for berbuka and sahur.

alhamdulillah my parents are still around for me to spend this Ramadhan with them.

and alhamdulillah ill soon start my own career and earn my own money and may i start my own life with HIS guidance.amin.

p/s:read my fren's blog saying that "ramadhan is similar with all the other months except for the fact that eating and drinking are not allowed during the day"...well my fren,during this month that if u work hard enuff there is a world of benefits waiting for u..and if u miss this,you'll have to pray hard that u live long enuff to meet the next Ramadhan...

till then.take care!and enjoy the benefits of this Ramadhan.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

different in our own...

ive just finished reading my fren's blog.the whole thing and mind you the 1st entry was waaayyy back in 2007.so yeah 3 years of entries and it took me almost 6 hours to finish it all.

the truth is, i dont do it to all the blogs that i follow.nope.even though the jobless-free-me has nothing to do but not all blogs capture my attention.

i tend to be attracted to blogs that share the bits and bouts of their life. to read what they go through, the puddles of mud that they had to endure, the silly things that they do, those are the entries that make me feel that im as normal as u and u and u next to u..

for example:

kak mel telling that she accidentally woke up late and felt so bad coz tak sempat to make breakfast for her husband.well, i may not have a husband now but when i do start a family at least amidst of all the guilt in me, at the back of my head,ill remember that these things happen and all ive gotta do is try harder.

my friend telling that when she went for driving lessons and she thought people were staring at her because they felt she was pretty but it turns out that she has a japanese flag on the back of her jeans (girls, u would know what i mean)...reminder that when that happens quickly go to the toilet and check if there's anything wrong on you..

well, there are those who blog to earn maney and join the various competitions available in the blogging world..no, im not against any of u who are doing that.u are earning more money that i do-yes, u may clap for urself now.but, i would usually skip entries with the title of "blogger of the year award goes to.."...if u know what i mean..its a democratic country and u may do what u want and i shall not stop you.im happy, u r happy.

but, what makes me happier is when i read blogs that have out-of-ordinary vocabs in their entries.vocabs that u would need to google up the word to know how to pronounce it.let me give u a list of examples.and i f u know the meaning and pronounciation and the synonyms to all of the words,you have earned a virtual standing ovation from me.mind you, without google-ing the answers of course.farah D,if u r reading this i know u know all the answers by heart.so, u cant participate. so here it goes:


and yes they are all english words and i build the list from my friend's blog.there's even more but i was too lazy to type into my phone while reading it.she even made a-word-a-day thing-ing in her entries.so, now i dont have to go to the book store to get a new book to brushen up my vocab,i can do it online.woot2!!ill keep this post and test my childern someday (when i have one that is)..haha!very ambitious and pandang ke hadapan.

if u r wondering, i made that list because i dont know the words.if i knew, that would defeat the purpose, wouldnt it?

till then.xoxo.