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Daisypath Wedding tickers

Monday, July 26, 2010

mari beribadat!!

tonite after maghrib,it'll be nisfu syaaban.

mama n me are fasting today and upon arriving home after shopping alone (sounds so sad kan?) at tesco, mama ajak-ed me to go to one of her fren's house tonite becoz they'll be having solat sunat berjemaah and bacaan yassin.

but,but mama said.."kita bukak puasa then cepat2 kena p rumah aunty tu okayy...pkoi 12 tgh malam baru balik"..huh??mama ni nak ajak tp bg statement which is making me lazy.but no!!all this laziness are syaiton's whispering in my ear!no syaiton!i refuse to listen to u!

so, yes!!let's go and beribadat tonite!mari!!and yes mama,min tak malas sebab masa mrsm dulu pon dah biasa. (mrsm was my least favorite skool but it helped shaped me into a better person too i.e wearing tudung permanently)

gotta go and iron the best baju kurung becos the aunties2 in my housing area neh very high fashion..hahaha..u must be thinking, ni nak g beribadat ke nak tayang handbag sapa paling up to date??no2,even if i wear the nicest and prettiest baju kurung it'll still be covered with the telekung so,no big deal.

bye2..and have a nice day peeps!selamat beribadat rakan2..

Friday, July 23, 2010


yesterday was my birthday!!!weee!n im officially 23.

the surprises came a day earlier.mr dimples never fail to surprise me every year.either it was with the cooperation with my housemates or friends staying nearby.

so,on wednesday i called him up and he said he's going to the post office because he wants to mail me my official transcript and the other documents.he helped me hand in all the needed documents in putrajaya.thank you and may Allah bless u,mr dimples.later that evening, i asked him about the documents, he told that he didnt get the chance to mail me earlier that day because he went with his bike and didnt bring the docs along...told me he'll mail it next week when he's back in KB.so, i didnt make such a big deal because i just wanted to file the docs. later that night,my friend amir called me and asked me if i was free the next day because he wants to take me and a few frens out for lunch.so, of course i am free (Duhh!) and we made plans to meet up the next day at around 3.i ajak azeila so that im not the only girl there.ive suspected something but this isnt the first time i went out with him so i went along.

so, when azeila and me arrived at KFC, i wanted to order but amir proudly told me that he bought a whole bucket for the four of us including khairol.and when we were seated, kerol brought to the table a box of cake and i started luffing..!!!amir asked me to guess whose idea was this and it must be non other than my mr dimples!!!when i kolled him up he was still pretending as if he did not know anything!!!urgghh!!apparently, he transferred money to amir to buy the cake and pay for the meal.kinda sad becoz he couldnt make it to celebrate with me but the surprise was good enuff.

i had fun meeting up with them and that surprise was nice..and did i mention when i was getting ready to go out, the postman came and delivered a parcel.mr dimples sent the parcel with all the documents and in between it all was a birthday card!!when i kolled him all he did was giggle!!and yeah of course he pretended to be clueless bout the parcel for about a minute or two.

i received my birthday present which is a bag a day earlier.it was a gift from him.thank you, you!

so,since im 23, im not gonna attempt to make a list of 23 random things about me or my wishlists.

but,ill pray hard that:

1. ill be a better muslimah.

2. ill be a better member to my family and good health to all our family members

3.ill be a responsible and proactive pharmacist

4.all our urusan dipermudahkan n dimurahkan rezeki.

other than that, lets just keep it a secret between me and HIM

p/s:i would love to own a coach handbag or the other fancy stuff but there's only so much a successful jobless (at the moment) person like me can ask for *giggles*

till then,take care and have a great weekend peeps!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


my definition of one malaysia as in today:

a plate of mee goreng mamak (indian origin) eaten with a pair of chopsticks (chinese origin) by me (malay of course)

parent's story.

today's entry berkisarkan cerita2 about my parents.i know n im certain they will not read this.but if they do, i dont mind.

story number 1:

mama helped me renew my driving license last week.since she had to go n settle some bills at the post office so she came back with multiple receipts in her bag.then, she proudly called me and hand me the license.i checked and looked at her.."ma, ni lesen yang lama..its still 2010.."...she said.."cuba cek betoi2..kalut la min ni"....i hand her reading glasses and showed her...then she panicked for a second and started rummaging through her bag and wallet..and she said "mesti mama tertinggal atas kaunter.*sighs*..but i dont mind coz i dont do much drivving at home.almost non at all.so, this week she had to go to JPJ so she settled it and its as if she renewed it again.so, instead of renewing it for another 1 year, my license has been renewed for 2 years..yeayyy!!!then today, she was cleaning up her purse and taaaadaaaa!!she found the license that was renewed last week that she assumed she left ot on the counter...hahaha!!bad news for her, good new for me.

p/s:if u r wondering y my mom is doing all the renewing stuff for me is bcoz she gets annoyed to wait for me bcoz i wake up late and to avoid from getting any more wrinkles she'd rather ajak my dad then me.hehehe!talk about anak bongsu yang manja..but mind u,i help out with stuff at home while she's out.so, when she's back she has less chores to do.

story number 2:

i dont have much activity at home besides disturbing my parents.so, as i was walking into my parent's room my dad asked me to massage his legs.while i was massaging it, i took the advantage to nag at him.he's 64 dis year but he's still busy with his golf.he goes out early in the morning and comes back around 12.if the golf course is further, than expect him to be back by 2.and he's complaining that his calf is sore and his kness is swollen..??okay, so he do not go everyday but still he should at least cut down on the game a lil..and the bones are not getting any stronger.so, massaging-cum-nagging do not seem fun for him and he said.."adui...pelan2 la..dah la berletiaq!!"..hahaha!while i was nagging at him, i didnt realise that i was squeezing his calf..hahaha..my mum was just luffing away..

the end.till then..salam 1 malaysia *ahaks*

Saturday, July 17, 2010


since the past 2 weeks ive been online shopping.

not good to the power of 2.

online shopping while chatting with mr dimple's sister makes it worse.hahaha

extra stimulant to buy when i ask her opinion on the things i want to buy and she says its pretty!!hahaha.

the only expression mr dimples can say when i told him im online shopping with his sister was "oh..no!"....*giggles*

although im kinda nervous plus lazy to start working and all, but its better than doing nothing at home other than wasting my money online.*sighs*

but the things online are much cheaper and its one of the reasons i shop there. *wink2* (alasan!hehe!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i havent eaten since morning.

during lunch i was feeling nauseated and bloated and had very2 uncomfortable tummy.

BUT, NOW...im sooo starving i can eat a whole cow.

going to help mama finish the lunch dishes now.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


no more in idle mood today.

so, mama drove me to the klinik kesihatan for my medical checkup.

first, go n daftar n then go straight to kaunter pemeriksaan kesihatan to fill up few forms and asked me to get my urine sample.

then go 4 the pemeriksaan mata and gigi, and...done!

not so...must go again on the 27th for x ray and to see the pegawai perubatan.

asked the person in charge if can do it in private clinics, he said usually it is done in gov clinics.

then..dat's it for today.

oh yeah..also went to post surat terima lantikan to SPA oredi.

and dats ol for today.

thanks to mr dimples for going to shah alam and pressuring the people in pejabat konvo to get my transcript. azilea sent my borang more than 2 weeks ago but i did not receive it.apparently, they mislook my borang and it hasnt been process yet.*sighs*.but all is good now and zaem has got his SPA offer letter too.yeay!!alhamdulillah.

my prayers to HIM for the past 1 week or so is to permudahkan all our urusan and it seems that my prayers have been granted.alhamdulillah.

Monday, July 12, 2010

bits and pieces.

so the world cup is over.and paul was right again.holland did not show a good sportmanship.i mean really..u are in the finals of the biggest event in football and ol u can do is play and fight on the field..come on..i did not stay up to see players figthing with each other nor with the referree.

so, im not a football addict.i dont watch EPL and know the names of ol the players at the back of my head.but when it comes to world cup, i make it a point to watch becoz somehow it clashes with my holidays and thats one way of spending some quality time with my dad.and sometime with my mom too.mind you, when we didnt have astro way back then,the three of us used to go out to the mamak to watch the games.

last saturday a close family friend came to stay over at our house.their youngest daughter came along and it felt good to have a friend at home to hang out with.(it gets really b.o.o.ring at times being the youngest in the family and not having anyone else around). we went to tanjung dawai for dinner.all in all the food was not bad.and the restaurant had a good view.so, went home feeling totally full and bloated and due to that i couldnt go to bed early and stayed up till around 1 am and whats the point to go to bed when ill wake up again at 2.30 am to watch the match..so i was on9 to kill some time b4 the match.then the match started and the game was awfully boring during the first half with the uncountable yellow cards by the botak referree...2nd half was the same and then it went to extra time.was texting mr dimples telling him that the viewers will all be half awake by the time they enter penalty rounds..then iniesta finally scored d goal!!!my dad and i were shouting our hearts out!!!FINALLY!!a goal after the hundred and berapa minit ntah..

it felt good!!ive realised this holiday is the time that i get to spend with my parents.soon ill start working and begin my new life.a life where im demanded to stand on my very own two feet, earn my own cash and manage my finance and life independently.sometimes, i feel that they are becoming emotional knowing that the time has come for them to let me go off, working becoz im the youngest child.with my brothers and sisters, they were not this sensitive becoz at least they know im still at home with them, to accompany them. now..its just the both of them.so, im not so stressed up if the posting starts later coz i get an extra time with them.but, whatever it is..wherever im posted at, my responsibility to them remains the same..the first salary i get will be spend on them too.sometimes our parents do not demand to be given money each month but its our responsibility to do so.besides, they have spent thousands on us..our hundreds are just a small protion of it.ill always prays the best for their health and may they live long to see me off on my wedding day and kiss my children.

im getting all emotional oredi,so i guess ill end dis now.hehehe.
till then:take care!!

p/s:ive got my SPA letter but somehow im in idle mode till today.haha.gotta get moving now!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


my former high school,st george's girls school sent an invitation for the grand reunion.

i would love to go.

its one of the best schools ive attended (mind you, i had 3 high schools that i went to becoz we moved and when i was in form 4 i went to mrsm)

but sggs remains the best.it brought the best of me and i bet my friends would agree too.

the problem:the reunion is in october.

how am i supposed to know if im available to go at that time??*sighs*

where would i be at nxt month is a big question mark and october is a bigger one..

will see how la eh??