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Friday, September 3, 2010

one and half week.

reported for duty on the 25th of august.tot of asking for a day off so that i could settle off with house hunting but my wish was not granted.so,after lunch i started work in hosp tuanku ampuan najihah (htan), kuala pilah.the first half day was aint bad because we had a counselling session where the seniors taought us how to counsel on novopen and MDI.

work was fine but the house hunting was bad. the first house that i shared with my housemate, a lab technician from the same hospital was so creepy that it lokked like a ghost house from the outside.no,im not kidding you.so, my parents went for house hunting while i went to work.they found me a flat with 3 rooms which only cost me rm320.kinda cheap considering a smaler house in shah alam would cost us rm600.

im attached in opd until the end of the month.first task was labelling.manually.then it was filling.luckily the opd wasnt so big and it took us a day or two to get used to where the meds are.so this week was changed to screening and dispensing.

all these tasks seems hard at first.mistakes made are abundance.being tegur here and there.but the seniors and frp are always there to guide you.my opd boss would always say "its better to ask a hundred times when u are uncertain about something rather than making mistakes and jeopardizing the patient's life"...the first time i started dispensing the senior prp was there to guide me in case there are points that i forgot to state.after a few times u get used to it and u r on ur own.htan is a secondary hospital so the peak hours are around 9 till noon.in the evening is when we are taught to do different tasks or there are presentations by the senior prps..

owh yes and got to handle DD too..nervousness when recording in the log book.more nervous when 500 tablets of lorazepam went mysteriously missing.had to stay back till 5.40 just to figure out where did the tablets got to..found out that someone did some mistakes during the check and found recording in the log book.at the end of the day, we found the 500 missing tablets.hehehe.fuhh!

all in all, the first and half week was very tiring but i definitely gained a lot from it.to those who will be starting soon, practise standing for at least 2 hours without sitting and maybe u would be less tired than i am.hehe.


  1. In time, you'll get the hang of everything ! And yea don't forget to ask if you're unsure, jangan bodoh sombong. Hehe. All the best dear ! ;)

  2. thanks kak mel..i hope so too..day by day and learning bit by bit..thank God the frp(s) are kind enuff to answer all our questions..=)