Daisypath Wedding tickers

Daisypath Wedding tickers

Friday, February 25, 2011

miss busywoman.

berhabuk teramat sgt this blog..very tak terurus..forgive ur royal highness of no country for being such a busywoman. all the free time that i have is either being used to do assiggnments, presentations, night calls or preparing for our wedding.YES~~u read it right..the prince and princess of nowhere land are getting hitched.ive even added a wedding ticker and yes..2 months 4 days to go..

some asked..."weyh..ko senyap2 je ek..tetibe nk kawin.." OR "weyh min!!bila ko tunang!!!"

the answer is no..we decided that we would not get engage.my dad even asked me if i wanted to have an engagement ceremony.i told him.."min nak selesaikan yang wajib saja.."...and so i decided to tak bertunang for the reasons below:

A)its an adat and it isnt a MUST to engage for me to get married.
B) tunang is actually an agreement between two persons.if the couple has agreed to get married, that is also considered as tunang.the ceremony that we Malaysians have are just part of the culture. a mean to announce that their child has been booked.dont believe what i just said??then watch this:you tube ustaz azhar idrus on tunang.
C)i would rather save the few thousands that is spent on the engagement ceremony for the wedding or post wedding needs. (ie, our house, our utility bills, our needs and wants..heee)

and both parents agreed that it is not necessary so we started with all the preparations around 4 months back.

and i did not announce it earlier because i felt that it is too early.lots of things could and might happen. and i am too busy to think bout bloogging.so since we have received our wedding cards today, i felt that it is a suitable time to blog about it.=)

most of the stuff are done.

  • cards: done
  • dresses: sent to tailor
  • doorgifts:done
  • hantaran: booked
  • venue: booked
  • VIP's door gifts: done
  • henna: my aunty bought it from Mecca. (love u aunty!!)
  • HIV test: done
  • borang nikah: done
some of the things that are still pending are:

  • shoes
  • veil
  • flower bouquet
  • hand bouquet
and some post wedding stuffs...but so far our weekend are filled with preparation stuff.hence the lack of time to blog.mr dimple even commented.."what happened to ur blog..dulu bukan main..tak sempat nk baca dh update yang lain..now??"..huhu pls forgive me,yours truly the busywoman.

i hope and pray that all the preparation will run smoothly and InsyaAllah ill update with the latest preparations as much as i can.

pray for me yeah..=)

and psst: ur prince and princess of nowhere land are getting hitched on the same day as Prince William and Kate Middleton.woot2!

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